High Schools

RepVisits makes scheduling college rep visits more efficient

High Schools

  • Set up, maintain and schedule college rep visits easily and efficiently.

  • Customized college rep appointments according to your bell schedule.

  • Offer unique appointment times for days when you have
    an altered scheduled.

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    Admission Reps

    RepVisits makes it easier to schedule your college rep visits

    Admission Reps

  • Search for high schools by town or name.

  • See each school's available appointment dates and times.

  • Schedule your visits online.

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    How the RepVisits process works...

    1. High school sets up calendar to
    book college

    2. College admission rep searches available appointments.

    3. College representative visits are booked online easily.

    4. Notifications are sent to
    high schools and college reps.


    This will drastically change how high school visits are scheduled... for the better!"

    New York Admission Rep