Admission Reps

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  • Schedule college rep visits online and eliminate tedious back and forth
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  • Search for high schools by location and proximity to one another.
  • It takes seconds to book high school visits.
    Appointments can be easily changed online, if needed.
  • Quickly find contact information for each high school.
  • We know how much time it takes to schedule rep visits.
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High Schools

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  • Save time by having admission reps book their
    appointments online.
  • Eliminate back and forth emails and phone calls from admission reps.
  • Set your appointment preferences and unique appointments times for
    days when there is advisory, religious holidays, etc.
  • Receive an email when a rep schedules an appointment.
  • Automatically export appointments to your outlook or google calendar.
  • From one school counseling office to another, we understand the coordination
    it takes to book so many rep visits. Together let's make life less chaotic...
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