The RepVisits mission is simple: to increase student awareness and access to higher education. 


RepVisits was created by a school counselor who needed a way to minimize interruptions and maximize the time she had to work with students.


In searching for the ideal college rep visit scheduling solution, research showed that each program lacked flexibility and was designed for business appointments. College admission reps claimed they loved that high schools were using online scheduling programs; however, they struggled to keep track of each school's specific scheduling link. With this in mind, RepVisits was born.


RepVisits brings high schools and college admission reps together on one website to schedule appointments and organize college fairs. It caters to the unique scheduling needs of high schools and college admission representatives, eliminating back and forth emails and phone calls.


In the end, RepVisits simplifies college rep visit scheduling and allows you to get back to what you do best: supporting students and increasing access to higher education.